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Bunn CWTF Thermal Brewer 

The CWTF thermal brewer is the perfect system for brewing a batch of coffee for the office ! This thermal coffee brewer brews into thermal servers which keeps the coffee hot and fresh for hours ! Since the thermal servers are freestanding, they are perfect for meeting and conference rooms.  The brewer is conveniently connected to the plumbing providing quick one touch brewing ! 

Thermal Server 84.5 oz (2.5 L)

This double lined thermal server keeps coffee hot and fresh for hours! It does not require a heat source to retain the temperature of the coffee, therefore the coffee does not breakdown and remains fresh and piping hot from first cup to last! 

Bunn CWTF- TC Thermal Carafe System

Are you “short“ on height on your counter? This brewer, although small in stature, is mighty in producing the coffee required for your office needs. It can be connected directly into the plumbing, or used independently as a pour over. It brews into portable insulated servers that keep the coffee at an optimal temperature and flavour for hours! 

RealCup RC 400

This single cup pod coffee brewer comes with a  touch screen control. Can be easily connected into the plumbing or used independently as a pour over. It has 4 different brewing methods with cup sizes ranging from 4 to 16 ounces! Has an energy saving mode and has a sleek design to complement any office setting. Above all, it makes a consistently perfect cup of coffee one cup at a time!

Trifecta Air Infusion Single Cup Brewer 

A high tech air press brewer that injects air into the brew chamber to agitate the coffee at just the right time resulting in uniform extraction and a complex beverage sure to please any coffee lover! 

Crescendo Bean to Cup Espresso Brewer

From bean to cup this espresso brewer does it all! Grinds our freshly roasted, fairly traded, organic artisanal  beans through the professional grade burr grinder, directly into the brew chamber, tamps the coffee and produces the perfect espresso. The spent grounds are automatically removed from the chamber into a waste bin. You can also enjoy cappuccino, latte, vanilla cappuccino, vanilla latte, Americano, white coffee and hot chocolate! 

Portion Control Coffee Grinder with 2 Hoppers

This professional burr grinder has 2 hoppers for two different coffees. Each hopper holds 6 pounds of coffee beans. Grinds the exact amount of coffee to produce the perfect batch of coffee. 

Low Profile Portion Control Coffee Grinder with 2 Hoppers 

If height is a concern, this grinder is only 17.4 inches in height, but produces a precise grind with it's professional burr grinder. With two hoppers which hold up to 3 pounds of coffee each, enjoy 2 of your favourite coffees. Grinds the exact amount of coffee to produce the perfect batch of coffee. 


Quantum Water Cooler

Rid your office of costly water bottles! Quickly hooked up to the plumbing, water is filtered through the Quantum filtration system removing 99.9% of all particles like dirt, lead and eliminating chlorine and odour. 

These are our most popular pieces of brewing equipment but please contact us for our most up to date and complete list! We have a wide range of equipment available for all your specific needs! 


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